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Electric Violinist

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Bianca Francheska is a cutting edge electric violinist who brings her skills with a powerful and unique sound to musical genres like pop, rock, disco and more! With her versatile playing style and a passion for experimenting with sound, Bianca plays the violin while dancing and always manages to keep her audience on their toes. With a passion for both tradition and innovation, this electric violinist creates a unique blend of classic instruments and modern technology such as synths and effects pedals to create a one of a kind performance. Using her artistic flair and stage presence, Bianca captivates audiences with her dynamic performances, drawing people into her electric sound and creating unforgettable experiences.

Who Is She?


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From Classical to Rock N' Roll


Bianca Francheska began playing the violin at the age of 11 when she joined her middle school orchestra class in 2010. She performed countless times, earned the title of concert master in the top 8th grade orchestra, and was even selected to perform 1st violin for the all region orchestra concert . That same year she won the school's talent show but had to move to Fort Lauderdale the following month. When she joined a local orchestra in South Florida, she didn't feel as though she was progressing so she decided to quit and began teaching herself new skills like playing by ear and composition. In 2013 Bianca began performing in multiple events at her high school and once again joined the talent show. This time she decided to try something knew. She choreographed a dance routine to go with her violin performance and despite not winning, she had the night of her life. Coincidentally, within the next year she stumbled upon a video of Lindsey Stirling on the internet. Bianca was so inspired by her, that she decided to dedicate the next couple of years to perfecting the art of playing violin while dancing along with writing her first songs, and learning new instruments. 




Ever since learning to play the violin, Bianca Francheska developed a passion for learning new instruments. She managed to teach herself piano by the age of 14, the guitar by 15, and the harp by the ripe age of 21. 


In 2021, Bianca Francheska collaborated with Filip Clement Furuholmen, son of Magne Furuholmen, legendary keyboardist of classic 80's band A-ha. Bianca made a an electric violin remix to Filip's track, Porche 911 which they both posted on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube.

Why the Iconic Blue Violin?

It's all about Quality Not Quantity

In high school, Bianca Francheska began performing on stage more frequently, so she needed an electric violin to amplify the sound. By her 15th birthday, her dad asked if she wanted a quinceañera but instead, she asked for an electric violin. At the moment there was a small budget for her birthday present so Bianca and her father agreed to find the best affordable electric violin at the Electric Violin Shop. A beautiful blue Barcus Berry Vibrato electric violin caught Bianca's eye while searching through the website and at that moment she knew it was the perfect choice.

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